Tree Planting at Duckworth
Saturday, November 3rd 2001

The club sponsored a tree planting at the Duckworth playground on Saturday, November 3rd.  It was a beautiful warm fall morning and club members Helmut Jaehnigen, Bill  and Sue Koppes, Geoff White and Robin Everly, Dan Marinelli and Marcy Fallon, Tom Melville, Bob Pechacek, and John Lydon were eager to get started.  Within three hours, six maples, four of cultivar “October Glory” and two of cultivar “Crimson King” were planted around the playground.

Tom and Bob planting one of the maples and smiling!  The ground was very hard.

The maples were selected for their fast growth and shade qualities.  Also club members replanted a stately dawn redwood that was relocated when the playground was rebuilt.  Helmut’s contribution to the tree planting was invaluable.  He showed us all how to properly plant and mulch the 5 foot trees.  Credit should also be given to Bill, who coordinated the effort, and Sue, who picked up the trees and other supplies from Behnke Nurseries.

Ann Byron, a teacher aide at Duckworth, donated the trees in loving memory of her late husband, John Byron, who encouraged her work with the children at Duckworth.  Ann was on hand to help club members put the trees in the right places.  She decided to donate the trees so she could watch them grow, see the children play and have a memory of her husband while at school.  The club is glad to have helped out in this worthy accomplishment.

Geoff and Anne Bryon by the playground holding the plaque given to BGC
for helping with funding of the playground.  Inscription on the plaque reads, "Appreciation Award presented to Beltsville Garden Club.  The deepest yearning of children with disabilities is to simply do what others take for granted.  Thank you for making this possible with your contribution to James E. Duckworth School's Adapted Playground and Mobility Park.  May 25, 2001."

Newly planted maples
The crew with Anne by one of the newly planted maples

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