Montpelier Mansion
Holiday Decorations - December 2001
Photos by Mike Ross

For many years now,  the Beltsville Garden Club has decorated a room inside Montpelier Mansion for the holidays.   This year club members, Phyllis Ross, Mary Redmiles, Dorothy Dolan, and Louise Clemens decorated the parlor at the mansion.    Geoff and I toured the mansion during on one the evening candlelight tours and were impressed with all the rooms.  We were quite pleased and proud, however, when we saw what a great job Phyllis, Mary,  Dorothy and Louise did with this room.  Even the docent commented on the decorations.   As you can see from these photos they did a splendid job.

Phyllis decorates the mantle with evergreens
Phyllis decorates the mantle with evergreens.


A lovely flower arrangement on one of the many tables in the parlor.


Poinsettias grace the fireplace.


Our name tag near the parlor entrance.


Phyllis, Mary, Dorothy, and Louise celebrate a job well done.


Montpelier Mansion was originally the 18th century home of the Snowden family and is considered as one of the most beautiful Georgian houses in America.  It is located in Laurel, Maryland, approximately 15 miles north of Washington D.C.

To learn more about Montpelier Mansion, go to the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation web site .  Go to the link on Historic Sites & Museums  and click on Montpelier Mansion in Laurel.

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