Beltsville Garden Club September 26 Meeting

Robert J Griesbach - 150 Years of Research at the US Department of Agriculture; Plant Introduction and Breeding

The USDA was founded in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln, so 2012 is its 150th anniversary.  The US Government first became involved in new plant introductions in 1825 when President John Quincy Adams directed US consuls to forward rare plants and seeds to the State Department for propagation and distribution.   Dr. Griesbach will highlight 150 years of USDA programs involving the breeding and introduction of new plants, including many such as soybeans and blueberries, that are now important food producing crops worldwide.

Dr. Griesbach is the Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office Technology Transfer, US Department of Agriculture.

Bob Griesbach-1 Griesbach-3 Griesbach-4 John crowd Griesbach-2 goodies plants

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