Beltsville Garden Club April 24 Meeting
Janet Young talks on Companion Planting: the Real Story.

The Beltsville Garden Club will meet on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, at 7:30 pm in the cafeteria of the James E. Duckworth School, 11201 Evans Trail, Beltsville, Maryland.  Master Gardener Janet Young will present a talk entitled "Companion Planting: the Real Story."

Janet Young's background before becoming a Master Gardener in 2011 included earning a PhD in Genetics from George Washington University, and Molecular biology research of animal viruses.  Her most recent position was with the NIH as a program officer for grants awarded to study AIDS pathogenesis.  Janet became certified in equine massage after retiring, and her second career is providing craniosacral therapy and massage to horses.  Growing vegetables on her seven-acre farm is her major gardening interest, and as a Master Gardener she participates in the Olney Plant Clinic, and helps out at information tables at community events.

Janet Young's science background naturally prompted her to ask, "What exactly do we know about how companion planting works?"  Many gardeners are familiar with long lists of suggested companion plants to encourage plant well being.  While Ms. Young's presentation includes a practical component, her talk primarily addresses what we know about how some companion plantings actually work, and why sometimes they don't.  She will explore the history, science, and challenges of implementing this practice in our own gardens.

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Janet Young

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