Beltsville Garden Club February 27 Meeting

Janet Koles will enlighten us on "How Plants Get Their Names."  Koles notes that some plants have interesting stories behind their names while others like bluebells are easy to see why they are called such.  Other names provide a history lesson of medical and/or everyday use of plants. Koles is a self-employed gardener working in over 30 private gardens.  For 13 years she has been a volunteer at Brookside Gardens.  She likes to say that she attended "Brookside Gardens University for my gardening degree!" She has been interested in plants since she was a teenager and her first paying job was weeding.

At the University of Maryland, she took a "living off the land" class which inspired her to learn more about identifying plants and determining how their common names are chosen.  Koles also lectures on animal-named plants (It's a Zoo Out There!), shade gardening and the five senses of the plant world.

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