Beltsville Garden Club March 27 Meeting
Daniel Somers will enlighten us on "RainScapes."

Daniel Somers is a RainScapes Program Planning Specialist for Montgomery County.  He has a degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Frostburg State College, and has had 15 years of experience in landscaping, with seven of those years focused on storm water control.

The RainScapes program promotes and implements projects that reduce storm water pollution.  RainScapes projects slow the speed of rainwater runoff and make it easier for water to soak in to the ground.  This increases the ground water supply, and reduces the amount of dirty water that flows into our streams. Please join us to learn about RainScapes projects, including: rain gardens, conservation landscapes, canopy trees, permeable paver retrofits, rain barrels, green roofs, and the environmental benefits they bring.

Montgomery County residents will be interested to learn of technical and rebate assistance that is available to encourage property owners to implement RainScapes techniques.

For additional information contact Publicity Email Melissa Mackey or visit our Website,

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